April 09, 2007


Look at the sky and tell
what do you see in my heart?
Tell me that is not empty
tell that you can find something
because that thief just stole everything
he stole my love,
he stole my soul,
and he just want to live alone
what is life without heart
what is heart without feelings
if you can't love what are you doing
if you can't kiss what are you feeling
do you think that this is enought
do you think that it could be something stronger than that
I just think that love is everything
it's better to feel to stay in the nothing
it's better cry than keep yourself without life
love is everything and at the same time nothing
it is a wonderful feeling and the most depresion sadness
it is life in the death
but that is better that died an life there
without nothing wthout something
with lies and sadness
with darkness and ....

February 12, 2007

I had a sweet dream!!

I’m here in front of you
Telling myself what I dreamed in my room
It was something sweet and something big
that I didn’t understand what it's mean
But I’m here around 3 am
of a beautiful morning like other days.
I’m here waking up from a dream
that just pasted and now it just disappeared
It’s crazy that many things
could change with a big sleep.
But fortunately when is a dream
You just can think and forget about it
or maybe just remember
and keep it your mind forever
but the big things is not just think
the big things come with your reaction
You just need to give a new step.
and skip that page
you just need to live you day
with a smile in your face
because Happiness is not in a dream
that is what now I believe
Happiness is in your heart
With your action everyday
because sharing good times in a dream
It‘s not enough if is that what you think
Sharing that good moments
Should be in the real life and in every moment.
I just woke up today
And the day don’t have end
I’m just hear sleepy
Looking my bed so dirty
I just fall sleep so early
Some day that I didn’t remember
But I’m here with a new day
In front of me anyway
I’m here with many friends
That will take care of me when I dream again
Because happiness is not a dream
Happiness is in me
When I decide and when I want
Because I’m the owner of my mind.

February 11, 2007

The Answer!!

sometimes is dificult to discribe
some questions in your mind
sometimes is out of my mind
why my heart want to fly
but if you take a look in your past
and maybe remember that last
you can receive your own answer to your questions
and answer that what your are doing is the correct
that whatever came
will be ok
because now is time of Blessing's Rules
because now is time to feel so good
and whatever you try to make
you just need to feel ok
you just need to be you again
and smile and say that everything is ok
Give something oh my Lord
give something that i don't know
i feel in peace right now
but this empty space who will know
what's that empty in my heart
it was something someday
or was a ilution of a game
game or destiny
confution or pation
love or friendship
i don't know what was
but something i will say
that the answer is in the first
the first poem of this blog
can give you the answer of that new road.
In one day you change your road
and now i change again...
maybe i should say
i come back to my old road
where i wil continue stay in the space
in that space that i feel so good
because i will have my Lord and you!

February 08, 2007

Life in your Mind

Tell me now who you are
tell me now, what do you want
because i can't understand in this life
what my heart try to make me understand.
You just come some day of january,
with your smile and your shiny
you just start to share some pretty time
and that empty in this crazy life.
Why i want to share more time with you,
it would be the aloness that it is sorround us,
it would be that we are alone in this land,
without anybody that we had.
So far from you i want to be,
because i'm scared of ME,
i'm scare about the feelings
of plenty gratitude or love
of plenty generosity and warm
of something that i don't understand
but i feel good and i don't know why.
Give me an answer o my Lord,
because i feel that i lost the road,
give me a sign that what he is,
because my moon is not more here.
Oh sweet moon come back to me,
because i don't want to forget what you mean.
Oh dark night give me bak my moon,
cause i don't want to take another road.
So confusing and so frustated
could be a happiness in your eyes.
So confusing and so strange
could be your company and your time.
Give me swings sweet moon,
to be now with you,
cause i don't know what i'm doing
cause i don't want to lose my mind.